Reason Why Ted DiBiase Was Not Brought Back to Television

Prior to Ted DiBiase announcing his departure from World Wrestling Entertainment, his father, “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, discussed to PWTorch the reason why DiBiase was not being used on television.

“The reason he’s not been back on TV is they don’t want to just throw him back out there. I’ve had a lot of frustration there, too, as a dad, in trying not to be biased. I asked all my friends – Arn Anderson, Mike Rotunda, the guys who are the producers now – I said, ‘Did I miss something? Is there something wrong with my kid? Does he not have it?’ They say, ‘Oh no, he’s one of the best wrestlers we got.’ I said, ‘What’s the deal?’ They said, ‘We just have to find something for him.'”

You can listen to the full interview at this link.

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  • alexx52

    As it turns out, having a ‘gimmick” is more important than being a good wrestler.

    • Frankie Martinez

      amen to that !!!

    • Shaun Simpson

      …duh lol..look at the 80s…Hogan is a terrible wrestler..big boot..lag drop…sloppy grappling…but the Character sold. Lugar…Goldberg..Rybak…wrestling skill isn’t as important sadly…but if they can package a John Cena and sell the character…that’s all that matters..Look at TNA…they have an excellent crop of technical wrestling talent..but they drop the ball on the characters..its sad really..I prefer the Bret Harts Shawn Michaels..malenkos…Guerrero’s… Jericho’s…(yeah some of them had awesome mike skills..but they were wrestling strong!)

      • Mr. Baker

        Americanized Hogan is a crappy wrestler….Japan Hogan is a different Beast…don’t believe me? Antonio Anoki is considered to be the Ric Flair of 80’s Japan..Him and Hogan had classic matches….one doesn’t get trained by Hiro Matsuda and becomes “terrible” …educate yourself and look up hogan’s japan matches…not your average 11 min matches…and don’t rage respond to this comment because I said ” educate yourself “. I say that with the utmost respect. Most fans today just know what they see on DVDs or look up stuff they know of .Hell majority will tell you John Cena is the greatest champion ever. We ALL know thats a BigAss Lie

        • Shaun Simpson

          You’re right about the Americanized Hogan…And I haven’t seen his older matches in Japan..never even crossed my mind to…I’ve checked out lots of other matches from over seas..but the stigma I’ve had attached to Hogan from my childhood never even allowed me to entertain thoughts of him in Japan…thanks for the tip.

          • Mr. Baker

            yea Vince killed the business..think about it..he bought out everybody, made the announcement that wrestling was ” Sports entertainment ” and gave us John Cena…Vince has always thought the bigger muscle bound idiots were stars..Hogan just had the charisma to pull it all together…too bad Vince doesn’t like wrestlers

    • allan


  • Jay

    Nothing against Ted but he just doesn’t have that wow factor.He is a solid wrestler with bad mic skills.Perfect for UFC impact wrestling

    • allan


    • 123 kid fan

      yeah because john cena and randy orton have great mic skills! austin aries and bobby roode would kill anyone in the wwe with there mic skills! oh and wrestling to! since you only care about people who can talk! as to people who can wrestle! you really are a perfect wwe fan boy!!!