Reason Why TNA Is Cutting Talent, Sam Shaw Not Released


– The reason why TNA decided to release several talents is attempt to help cut costs. Talents that were released, were being paid a monthly guarantee with an additional fee when they were booked for TNA events. The company felt that those talents cut, were not being used regularly, so there was no need to keep them held under contract.

There has been a lot of cost-cutting talk within the company ever since the company decided to take Impact on the road, including the departures of different executives in TNA.

Several wrestlers have also been grumbling about pay coming in late, with one talent claiming he has heard stories of talents being paid two months behind according to PWInsider.

– Sam Shaw has not been released from TNA Wrestling. We apologize for that error.

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  1. TNA is slowly going under… I’ll give them a bit of credit though; they lasted longer thus far than ECW did.

    • in case you didnt notice wwe going in the hole too. but this messege doesnt mean anything, wrestlers b**** in every company, i doubt this means s***,

  2. What a shame. They have tried just about everything, and nothing seems to be working. I hope they can get creative and figure out a way to turn things around. Quintain Rampage Jackson was big in MMA, but Pro Wrestling is totally different, obviously.
    They would need to find a guy that people hate so much to feed to Rampage. Although I do respect Bully Ray, I don’t think he’s the answer.
    You need a CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio type guy that people just wanna hate. (CM Punk can be a good heal too). I don’t see that in anybody they have (Although James Storm is getting annoying with his southern hick ways).

    • the wwe is dieing too its just been around so long fans are loyal too it,but it keeps losing them too.

      • Ahh, bulls***. WWE will always be around. Their fan base is constantly growing, partly with the adaptation of new technological means to gain viewers. Plus of course there is the loyal fan base. It’s a series without an end – and it will remain a stronghold in the entertainment industry for a long, long time.

        • Idoloser, Nothing lasts forever. WWE could very well be gone in 5-10 years. I’m surprised anyone still watches this junk.

          • Well, aside from your inability to spell my alias correctly, it seems you are also oblivious to the fact that Vince McMahon is a promotional genius. With HHH taking over, my guess is WWE will be heading in an even greater direction. Funny thing is, for someone who seems to know so much about “this junk”, one has to wonder why you’d even care to respond so much inside a pro wrestling forum… Two-faced?

          • It’s a free country, ain’t it, I mean, the reason why we celebrate the 4th of July. Iduhlizer

          • True, but again, one has to wonder what lack of a life moron would decide to respond to anything to do with the WWE when he considers it to be such “junk”.

  3. what a joke! they are getting paid late? I see tons of lawsuits coming soon….why not cut the salaries of Sting and Hogan? they have enough money and they are way past their prime…and they’d save tons of money with them gone.


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