Reby Hardy Takes Shot At Jeff Jarrett, Lilian Garcia Backstage At WWE, New Sam Roberts Podcast


Matt Hardy’s wife, Reby Hardy has taken another shot at future WWE Hall of Famer, Jeff Jarrett today, making it very clear that they have not forgiven or forgotten his actions.

Reby responded to an article online which featured an interview with Jarrett who stated he has a good relationship with Jeff Hardy. Reby stated that Jeff is just one person and that they still hate him.

Lilian Garcia Backstage At WWE

Former WWE Announcer, Lilian Garcia was backstage at WWE Raw this week as she shared an image from behind the scenes on Instagram.

Garcia was in town for two known reasons, firstly attending WWE Superstar, Paige’s new clothing store launch as well as interviewing Stephanie McMahon for her podcast, Chasing Glory.

New Sam Roberts Podcast

Popular radio broadcaster and WWE panelist, Sam Roberts has uploaded a new episode of his podcast, the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast.

This week Sam’s guest is wrestling journalist, David Bixenspan who joins Sam to debate wrestling journalism, and whether it is real or not, as well as Sam’s State Of Wrestling segment, where he runs down the five biggest news stories of the week. You can listen to the episode in full, here.