Reddit User Dolphins1925 Gets a Prediction Wrong

Reddit user Dolphins1925, who has been correctly posting the winner for WWE pay-per-view matches for the better part of the past year (with a couple of exceptions), published their picks for tonight’s WWE TLC pay-per-view event.

This time around, the user managed to get one match incorrectly, the rest were dead on. The user stated that The Real Americans would defeat Goldust & Cody Rhodes, Rey Mysterio & Big Show, and Curtis Axel & Ryback. He wrote the following in response to getting the match wrong:

“Misinformation I received from my source. Congrats to WWE. I am done for the night. Wyatt family defeats Bryan is final result I was given.”

Major Backstage News from Tonight’s TLC PPV, TLC Re-match Scheduled for Monday’s Raw….

  • Mike Arienti

    Why are we still giving this person their 15 minutes? When Vince finds out who it is, someone will need a new job.