Remember The Dudebusters?!, The Ascension/WWE News, More published a story on former WWE wrestler Kris Pavone, who wrestled as Caylen Croft, in the Dudebusters with Trent Baretta. Croft now works as an elementary school art teacher. Speaking on his time in the WWE, Croft stated, “I got to live out a dream with WWE, but I feel almost more important was being done with it, and being okay with being done with it.”

— While it appears that Wyatt Family members Luke Harper and Erick Rowan are headed towards a run as WWE Tag-Team Champions, there are those within the company who feel that will not happen.

As noted earlier, the belief in the company right now is that NXT tag-team The Ascension will be called up soon, and that The Usos will hang onto the titles until that happens.

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