Report: AJ Lee Was Nearly Fired From WWE Last Year

Source: The Wrestling Observer

Remember the time AJ Lee apparently got in some trouble for verbally chewing out celebrity guest Michelle Beadle at the WWE Tribute to the Troops taping last December? In light of recent events and controversy surrounding Alberto Del Rio being fired by the WWE, it caused some comparison between AJ Lee’s situation and Alberto Del Rio’s on some online forums.

As the story goes, Beadle yelled “hey ****face!” at CM Punk. While she says did not mean anything by it, Punk’s girlfriend and now wife, AJ, saw it as disrespectful and went over to yell at Beadle. After it happened, there was a lot of speculation online if AJ would be fired or punished by WWE, despite being in the midst of a big push as the WWE Divas champion.

However, a source recently revealed that Lee actually was very close to being fired over the incident. The source noted:

“A.J. wasn’t safe at all. There was a reason she wasn’t fired and it had nothing to do with Punk being her boyfriend nor how good a performer she was, although her star power did play into it.

“The decision was made to fire her but Vince overruled it because he saw the big picture. It’s very complicated, but in that issue, Vince was savvy way beyond those underneath him and saw what would happen long-term and made the big picture smart call. If that happened now, the situation would be the same and she wouldn’t be fired for the same reason. Her being fired for that specific incident would have caused a chain of events to happen next that Vince thought would do the company more harm than good. There is no guarantee he was right in how he thought it would play out but it was far more foresight than is usually exhibited in these situations.”

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