REPORT: Internal Plans For 2020 WWE Draft Changed Multiple Times


In 2019, WWE marked the beginning of its partnership with FOX by hosting a two-night draft, shaking up the Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown rosters, while members of NXT and 205 Live also found new homes.

There were, at multiple points, plans in place for a 2020 draft to once again bring new life to the rosters. According to a new report from, WWE originally planned to hold this draft at the end of August, creating a sort of reset after the upcoming SummerSlam pay-per-view.

The draft was then pushed back to September, then again to October, and apparently flip-flopped between those two potential destinations. At this point it’s unknown if WWE has scrapped the idea altogether. It got serious enough at one point that broadcast partners had reportedly been informed.

There have been 14 WWE drafts in total dating back to 2002 and the creation of the Smackdown brand. Only 3 of them featured the entire roster shifting as a result to changes made in the brand split. The others, and likely the 2020 incarnation if it happens, would be what you might consider “supplemental”.

Source: Fightful Select