Report: Jeff Jarrett Involved In Backstage Fight


Reports like this are not what you want out there when you’re working on launching a new promotion. According to Jeff Jarrett was allegedly involved in a physical altercation last night with 17-year-old John Calvin. Calvin is the son of IWA Mid-South promoter Ian Rotten.

The dispute was reportedly over pay issues. Jarrett received half his pay in advance, then he learned he would receive the rest “within 2 to 3 days.” This lead to Jarrett allegedly cussing out coworkers and then allegedly slapping the glasses of Calvin’s face. Ian Rotten had the following to say about the situation…

“Jeff and Karen Jarrett were both intoxicated. I have a locker room full of people to back me up on that.”

Also, an anonymous IWA talent claimed Jarrett was “out of control,” and was being roused by his wife Karen, who threatened to go out to the ring and expose Rotten. Rotten has also posted the following statement to his Facebook…

“So, I will address the 500 lb elephant in the room in full.

Jeff Jarrett was paid half of his money tonight and was told he would get the rest of it in 2 or 3 days as through one way or another, or just plain stupidity, we forgot to get the advance money out of PayPal. I know it sounds incredibly stupid, but it occurred. Am I embarrassed about it? Yes, but a very intoxicated Jeff Jarretts actions to follow would be absolutely ridiculous and uncalled for. INCLUDING knocking the glasses off of John Calvins face, taking said glasses, and for a time period threatening to not give them back and break them. Screaming at numerous people in the dressing room that it was their fault, they were behind it like some paranoid coked out raging idiot. Not saying he WAS coked out, but I will say he was drunk, him and Karen both and I have a locker room full of people that will back me up on it.

Jeff Jarrett will get his money in a couple days as promised, then he can spend it on a defense attorney as I will be going to the sheriffs department to swear a warrant out on him tomorrow for assault on a minor. This was not some wrestling angle or anything of that nature, and he had no right to take it out on anyone else but me. Don’t get me wrong, I was wrong. We should have had that taken care of, but Jeffs actions after that along with Karen insisting on going out to the ring to interrupt Drakes speech was absolutely despicable. That is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”



  1. weird he must have been pretty wasted and i know hes no drunk hes a good father. so he must have been drunk and i doubt some 17 year old punk wasnt egging him on . still not the best look starting a new promotion

  2. I think JJ should counter sue, then have dhr come in an investigate on why a man would put his 17 year old son in a locker room with grown men then cry like a b**** when he tries to act like one. SMH,

  3. Most people get upset when told, we’ll pay you later , in a few days. Imagine if they said that to Samuel Shaw, He is a creepy bastard.


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