Report: Major WWE Plans For Cesaro – Daniel Bryan’ish?

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As previously reported, WWE is planning very big things for Cesaro now that WrestleMania is over.

The “Cesaro Section” signs at WWE live events have been handed out by WWE, who are hoping to manufacture the support for Cesaro that developed organically for Daniel Bryan with the “Yes!” movement.

Even though he is the latest “Paul Heyman guy”, WWE doesn’t want to portray Cesaro as a full heel. The plan is to keep him liked by the crowd even though he’s working with the manager that led Brock Lesnar to conquering the Streak at WrestleMania XXX.

While previous reports said that Lesnar would face Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, it seems as though WWE will put him against Cesaro soon. The idea is that the next guy to beat Lesnar will get a huge babyface rub due to Lesnar ending the Streak.

Regardless of what WWE actually decides to do to get there, they fully plan on pushing Cesaro hard in the future.

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  • Jason Hewitt

    They put him with a manager who draws heel heat like no one’s business and they want to try and keep him face? Good luck with that, I don’t think it will work. Send him full heel, right down to the dirty tricks and antagonizing the crowd. He CAN pull it off, plus he has the technical chops. I hate to say it, but let ziggler beat lesnar. It would put him to good use, he’s being under utilized. They just need to set the program up properly to make it work.

    • allan

      what are u talking bout he played that heel, and cesaro doesnt need dirty tricks as a heel that not his style at all. hes a great face he spent most of his career as a baby face.

      and cesaro is faster,stronger,smarter,bigger and is a way better wrestler then ziggler, even ziggler would agree. there is no way wwe can even put ziggler over lesnar. think of who ziggler has jobbed to for years..and u want him to beat the man who ended takers steak. yah right keepp dreaming. and cesaro will be huge no matter what. vince,hhh everyone in th back they all highly respect cesaro

      • Jason Hewitt

        I didn’t say he did, but there was a spell where his whole persona was that no American could beat him. I miss the true heels, the ones that did everything they could to make you hate them. With social media and everything else, I think those days are long gone.

        • Jeff Rittenour

          dude – those days were gone when the 90’s rolled round lol

    • Jack Danielson

      If there is anyone who’s in desperate need of going full heel, it’s Ziggler. He was so good as a heel, then he just languished as a face and is going nowhere fast in the mid-card.
      Now, If they gave him a proper push and adjusted his character along the way, then yeah, maybe he’d be a great opponent for Brock. But as it stands now, as he’s portrayed now, Dolph shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near Brock. No one would buy it. Though, I’d really, really like to see them put Ziggler together with RVD. As a tag team, or a feud, anything, I have this idea of them constantly trying to upstage each other.

    • RossBill

      That’s the whole point of the angle, Cesaro’s face-ish leanings won’t mesh with Heyman’s heel tactics, with the tension leading to Heyman cutting his losses and betraying him ala Punk last year. That’s why it helps set up a Cesaro-Brock clash.

  • Mr. Baker

    It’s the same as when Heyman turned on Brock in favor of Big Show….except Paul Is gonna screw Cesaro this time, making him an over face even more… IMO

    • Jeff Rittenour

      Heyman is SO one-note – I can’t stand him. Every time he comes back he does the EXACT same thing…and JBL calling him the BEST manager ever makes me SICK. He’s NO WHERE near the best manager ever. Not.Even.Close.

      • Mr. Baker

        I can agree with that… J.J Dillon , the Brain and Corny are my favs …

  • Jeff Rittenour

    OK OK – I can’t FOR THE LIFE OF ME see how Daniel Bryan would win a match against Brock Lesnar. That’s just stupid booking and I can suspend disbelief A BIT – but that’s asking TOO MUCH. It’s like when Rey rey beats Big Show – utter nonsense. And if wwe wants to do something GOOD for Cesaro…GIVE HIM BACK HIS F’N FIRST NAME!!! ‘Cesarp’ sounds stupid, imo – and maybe that’s just me (but I hate the single name for him). I’m not a fab of DB anyways – so I hope he loses the belt soon regardless…