Report on Flair’s Behavior at HOH, Briscoes Leaving ROH for WWE?, More


– ECW Original Raven had shoulder surgery last week and Scott Steiner will be having shoulder surgery this coming week.

– There was a lot of talk about Ric Flair’s behavior after Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore event his past weekend. Flair appeared before the event to sign autographs. He was sitting with JJ Dillon and his girlfriend, Fifi The Maid from WCW, and the talk was that Flair was more interested in talking to them than addressing the fans who came up to him for autographs. Flair got paid for the appearance and left before the matches began. Apparently Flair was supposed to sign some mail-order items and wasn’t happy about that.

– The recent Ring of Honor TV tapings and internet pay-per-view were the last scheduled appearances for The Briscoe Brothers. It’s worth noting that Jay currently holds the ROH World Title. There is talk within ROH that the brothers are “headed for greener pastures” which could mean a WWE developmental deal. At the same time, there is some talk that they’re just on hiatus but it looks like they’re leaving the company.

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Source: PWInsider


  1. I was at Best in the World on Saturday. With all the hype the Briscoes got, there is no way ROH is just going to let them walk unless WWE has already put an offer on the table ROH can’t compete with.

  2. ill believe the briscoes being in wwe when i see it. briscoes are way to hardcore for wwe even if you bought it down alot there still to rough around the edges for wwe.

  3. That would be a shame. They had an hour tribute to them last week so that would be a real slap in the face to ROH.

  4. If they are leaving why have them battle eachother for the world title? It doesn’t make sense at all.

    • because its something they earned. a good example is cm punk, punk signed a deal with the wwe before he won the roh title. they gave it to him out of respect for his hard work. thats why jay got the title and thats why there feuding for the first time, well mabye who knows like i said briscoes in wwe…ill believe it when i see it

      • Look i hear you when you say those two guys deserved it ,But to leave still holding the title doesn’t make sense.

  5. They got into big trouble for what Jay tweeted on got kicked off tv. They are out of ROH from what I read and I don’t think WWE will pick them up either. That’s a shame because they are fun to watch.


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