Report: Scott Hall’s Son Turns Down WWE Offers

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

It has been reported that WWE has offered Scott Hall’s son Cody a developmental contract on more than one occasion. Cody has turned down those offers, stating that he wants to make a name for himself on the independent scene before trying to go to WWE.

Cody has stated in past interviews that his ultimate goal is to sign with WWE.

ORIGINAL: As noted earlier here on the website, WWE has been aiding DDP with the rehabilitation of Jake Roberts and Scott Hall. WWE has been quietly putting money into the effort, which is described as a daily battle for both Roberts and Hall. The company has reportedly been paying people with experience in rehabilitation to help out when then two men have problems.

Jake Roberts was recently working an independent event in Oregon. After the show, Roberts was invited to go out to a strip club by some of the wrestlers. Roberts turned down the offer saying he knew what would happen if he went.

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  • Ralph Ramos

    Its nice of the WWE to help Hall and Roberts out. It was also great the way they went out of their way to cater to Warrior before his tragic death. Appreciating that put you on the map is what its all about.

    • Guest

      That’s crap. You actually believe that their “love” for Ultimate Warrior was genuine? Look. Vince is nuts and he did not forget about all of those legal battles with Jim Helwig for the Warrior name. He did not forget about all of the shows that Warrior no showed for and cost him big bucks and tainted the WWF/e brand. Just because he allowed him to be in a video game and gave him a quickly forgotten “Hall of Fame” spot doesn’t mean squat.

      If you’ve ever seen “The Self-Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior” video, you would know that Vince has not forgotten about their grudge. Think, how many WWE superstar videos are released that focus on bashing the superstar 9/10 of the video? Also, Vince made sure he got the rights to that name back before Warrior mysteriously died. On top of that, isn’t it odd how Warrior just happened to be talking about death and moving on the night before he died? I’m not saying it’s guaranteed but people with money like Vince can have people done for a price.

      • allanb

        ya but people try to remember people in the best way they can its called human nature.. and despite the fact that i was never a warrior fan doesnt mean he didnt have alot of fans some are wrestlers today because of him. i mean hogans a complete ass but when he dies hes going to be a god.

        • Guest

          Huh? I’m not sure what you’re talking about kid and it doesn’t seem like you are either.

          • allanb

            thats because you need to get a clue and i can barely understand you lol read it over.

        • Jeff Rittenour

          Hogan IS a GOD retard. The only true wrestling GOD lol

          • allanb

            ya right lol hes one of the biggest douches in wrestlin history and he would most likely agree. he buried everyone,badmouthed everyone demanded everything and thinks he was better then everyone he doesnt care about the hulkamaniacs he cares only about money even to this day the only reason he went to tna is because hes started to understand hes not worth s*** anymore he didnt care about helping them, guys a dirt bag always has been. FACT

      • Guest

        If you search for the Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior on Shop WWE (formerly known as Shop Zone) this is the message that you’ll get: 0 RESULTS FOUND FOR “the self destruction of the ultimate warrior”

        Now they’re trying to play as if that video never existed because they know it will expose their BS and what they really think about him.

      • TheSpider

        You’re speculating. You don’t know Vince personally. People tend to mellow out when they get older and given that Vince has made amends with Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, and Warrior, I almost wonder if Vince just realizes he’s getting older and doesn’t want to lose the chance to make things right. From the sounds of it, they’re taking care of Warrior’s wife like they were Eddie’s and promised Martha.

        • Jeff Rittenour

          Vince is about MONEY. He’s both a prick and a good guy (he’s done lots of great things for people). You stay loyal he won;t trash you. BUT he;s always open to making money off someone – just like Warrior.

  • Just havin fun.

    Way to go Jake, smart choice!

    • Jeff Rittenour

      I think he just couldn’t afford to go out and party lol 😉

      • allanb

        most likely has more money then u because people actually care about him.. lol