Report From The TNA British Boot Camp 2 Finale (Non-Spoiler)


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TNA hosted the finals of British Boot Camp 2. For those who are unaware of the venue, it is very similar to the Manhattan Center in New York. The hall was very full, however everyone was guided to sit downstairs and the upper balcony was empty and only used for their hard-cam.

The show was hosted by Jeremy Borash and the competition featured Al Snow, current TNA Women’s Knockout Champion Gail Kim, and current TNA X Division Champion Samoa Joe as judges. All three received a great reaction from the crowd with Snow and Joe getting huge pops.

The format for the finals saw a series of singles, tag, and four-way matches. After each match, the competitors waited in the ring and were spoken to by the judges, who gave their verdicts on what they had just seen. All three judges were fair and constructive in all the comments that they made, but if the crowd disagreed they really let the judges know about it.

The action was all fast-paced, hard-hitting, high-flying, entertaining and everything that UK wrestling is today. There was also plenty of British talent in the crowd watching the show, which was great to see them showing their support. There were also a couple of nice surprise appearances to tie in with the first series.

Borash informed everyone that the event should air on Episode 5 of the upcoming series. TNA could do no harm in recording Impact there at some point, as the atmosphere was fantastic and the crowd was brilliant and very vocal. So if you like British wrestling and get a chance to catch the show, it’s well worth a watch.


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