Report: WWE Extremely Upset With CM Punk

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

UPDATE: Even though both CM Punk and WWE haven’t really mentioned Punk’s departure much since it happened way back in January, WWE is said to be very upset with how it went down. It’s believed there are “serious issues” between both parties at the moment. Punk’s contract expired last week.

While it looks like the expiration of Punk’s contract and his removal from the main roster went smoothly, WWE isn’t happy with the entire situation. There are some who believe that WWE may end up taking some kind of action against Punk for the way he left the company. However, The source didn’t elaborate on what that action could be.

ORIGINAL: Here is a new interview with CM Punk conducted just before he hosted the red carpet interviews for the AP Music Awards. In the interview, Punk talks about being engaged and talked about how he ended up with the hosting job. When asked what he’s been doing lately, he said (joking) that he doesn’t remember because he has parts of his life he doesn’t recall “due to staph infections and concussions.”

When asked if he will return to wrestling, he said (in an over the top way) that he will “never ever ever ever ever” be back in the ring. He then jokes that “they’re gonna go crazy about that on Twitter.” You can watch the interview below: