Report: WWE Helping DDP With Jake Roberts & Scott Hall


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

According to sources, WWE has been quietly helping DDP with Jake Roberts and Scott Hall as they’ve paid for people who have experience with rehabilitation/addiction issues to be there for them in the event that something happens. Basically, if any issues come up, WWE is helping out with the costs as both Hall of Famers struggle on a daily basis. With that being said, both guys have been doing very well in recent months but there have been times where they slip up.

This past weekend, Jake worked several indy events in the Oregon area and was then invited to a strip club following the show. Jake turned down the invite and told the wrestlers who asked him to come along that he “knew what would happen next” if he went. Kudos to Jake for doing the right thing and trying to stay sober.

It should also be noted that Jake has been talking with Bray Wyatt in recent weeks and has been giving him advice.

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    • and they only call him sister because they don’t like “traditional labels they are given by evil” man THAT would be awesome

  1. sorry, guys but the name ” sister abigail ” came from stephen king’s ” the Stand “……oh, and it’s NEVER FUNNY to mock people for their addictions, please don’t be ignorant asshole marks, everybody deserves a chance to redeem themselves from their personal demons. this is not personal, it’s just facts……

    • Was anyone attacking jake? How f***ing awesome would it be if he was able to be worked into the wyatt family? Bray saved him, he saved bray. The promos would be epic.


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