Report: WWE Very Interested In Ronda Rousey


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

While WWE has been interested in Ronda Rousey on and off, that interest has apparently gone way up following SummerSlam. According to sources, Rousey being backstage at the show and meeting Stephanie McMahon did a lot to raise awareness of her in the company.

The problem with bringing Rousey in before–aside from the very obvious note of Dana White not being keen on the idea–was that not enough of the decision makers in WWE knew much of anything about the UFC and weren’t that familiar with her. Between SummerSlam and her role in Expendables 3 that’s changed, and the source says that it’s possible she will get an offer for some kind of on-screen role.

Of course, whether she’s allowed to do so by the UFC is another matter entirely.

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