Report: WWNLive Planning A Roku Channel Launch



EVOLVE and Dragon Gate USA have been quiet as of late because Sal Hamaoui has been focused on getting WWNLive’s Roku channel up and running. Hamaoui has been spending a lot of time and money with developers trying to get the channel up, and recently scrapped everything so he could begin working with a Danish company that has been rebuilding the system from scratch. That company has been taking every event promoted with WWNLine including FIP, DGUSA, EVOLVE and SHINE and creating new, higher-quality video films that would be in compliance with Roku’s requirements and work across different internet feeds.

The channel, when it launches, will include VOD for Kayfabe Commentaries, EVOLVE, SHIMMER, SHINE, Combat Zone Wrestling, FIP and Dragon Gate USA events along with live streaming events from those companies affiliated with WWNLive. It will also include a 12 to 14 hours of streaming content termed “WWN 24/7” that will be available for free, including a talk show discussing the week in wrestling and TV shows from promotions that wish to make their shows available for free.

There will also be a subscription area that will cost $14.95 per month and include exclusive content as well as free VOD replays of events for several weeks after they stream live. The channel is in the beta testing phase and may launch sometime this summer.

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