Revolution Pro Reveals TV Taping, Date, Location And More


UK independent wrestling company, Revolution Pro has announced plans to begin taping for TV as the UK wrestling scene continues to boom.

The Rev Pro tapings will take place at the famous York Hall in London on September 5th and 6th 2018 alongside TV production trucks as the company looks to grow and potentially be main rivals for World Of Sport on UK TV.

Rev Pro has asked fans to “Be A Part Of History,” and is currently promoting Zack Sabre Jr as the main star on the posters, making it clear that he is going to be part of the event.

Owner and promoter, Andy Quildan has said the following on the decision:

“When you passionately believe in something and an opportunity like this comes along you take it. No matter how much work you’ve just created for yourself. Come and join us as we make history.

“For now all you need to know is we will be presenting wrestling our way, with no compromises and we need all of you to play your part in that!”

Tickets for the tapings go on sale from Monday 13th at 7 PM, with ALL tickets costing £15. Revolution Pro Reveals TV Tapings

It will now be interesting to see what happens with NXT UK, with many believing the company is hoping to gain a UK TV deal, but if Rev Pro gain one first, there will then be two British Wrestling company’s already in the market, however, this is a huge deal for independent wrestling, which continues to grow.