RevPro Referee Retires Due To Post-Match Attack; Official Statement Released


A major issue has taken place in RevPro this past week, with the referee, Aaren Wilde being forced to retire due to a post-match attack.

After Wilde finished the match five minutes early in what was a botched finish (with the planned team still winning), he was attacked by Sha Samuels and Josh Bodom.

Sha’s decision to slam the referee was something that he did in an attempt to salvage the situation, and he certainly did his best to protect Wilde in the situation. However, the same cannot be said for Bodom.

The UK wrestler took the official to the outside and started shoot fighting him with footage surfacing on social media and Wilde revealing he is having to retire due to the injuries he sustained.

RevPro has since provided an official statement on the incident, stripping the pair of their Tag Team Titles and announcing that Sha will now be on a zero-tolerance deal moving forward.

However, RevPro has officially cut ties with Bodom indefinitely due to his actions, with Bodom now deleting his Twitter and making his Instagram a private account.

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