REWIND: WWE Royal Rumble 2003 Review – The One Where an Old Man Was Humped to Death

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WWE Royal Rumble 2003

Date: January 19, 2003
Location: Boston, MA
Sponsor: Playstation 2
Attendance: 15,338
Commentary: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler (Raw), Michael Cole & Taz (Smackdown)

The year is 2003.

In the wake of the Attitude Era, the dust has finally settled on the acquisitions of WCW and ECW, and to compensate for a rapidly expanding talent pool the stars of Raw and Smackdown have been divided into two unique, exclusive rosters. For the first time WWE’s two flagship shows will compete against each other in the annual Royal Rumble match, with 15 of the biggest names from each brand selected to take the battlefield.

The era of Brock Lesnar is fast approaching after exploding onto the scene in 2002, but in order to fulfill his destiny of main eventing WrestleMania he must navigate a minefield of Olympic gold medalists, undead bikers, loud-mouth advocates and one incredibly pissed off, 500-pound giant.

In addition we have one of the greatest WWE Championship matches in history as Kurt Angle defends the gold against Chris Benoit, and in stark contrast one of the single worst Word Heavyweight Championship matches in history as Raw painfully attempts to convince fans that Scott Steiner was really good as a singles star in WCW.

Plus, the Dudley Boyz go for title number 16, a convoluted Divas feud that involves an old man being humped to death, and the start of a fierce rivalry between Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho, as both men struggled to prove who really was the best in the world.

It’s Royal Rumble 2003 y’all! Let’s get to it…

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