Rey Mysterio Comments on Sin Cara’s Injuries; Reveals WWE Return Date

Rey Mysterio mentioned at last night’s WWE live event in Hidalgo, Texas that he would be returning on October 16th during the WWE tour in Mexico.

Speaking of Mysterio, he was also doing media in Mexico for WWE last week and commented on Sin Cara being out of action.

“Sin Cara has not had much luck due to injuries,” Mysterio said. “The same happened to me when I came to the United States after my time in AAA. In my first year I got my first injury, and then another and another. Hopefully Sin Cara returns soon, and if people want to see us as a tag team, we’ll do it.”

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  • raul cruz

    Sin Cara isn’t injured. He simply isn’t back because apparently no one wants him back.

    • ray

      Sin cara isnt injured but WWE is waiting for Rey Mysterio could come back so they can be a tag team. It would be better if mysterio would go solo in a feud with del rio or ambrose for a title match. Also mysterio can team up with rvd. Unfortunately RVD is taking a break from wwe so mysterio and RVD will not work.

      • raul cruz

        They aren’t waiting to team Sin Cara with Mysterio. They know Sin Cara is DONE. If Sin Cara ever had any chance at all of becoming anything in the WWE that time is long past. A lot of finger pointing going around as to why it never happened: He never adapted to what WWE wanted, the boys in the locker room never wanted to cooperate with him in matches, WWE doesn’t know how to book high flyers, etc. In the end probably all of these reasons were to blame. Now Sin Cara himself doesn’t seem to give a $#!+ anymore. He just hops on twitter and Facebook and posts about working out at the Sin Cara gym and completing a new level on candy crush.

        I don’t even think Mysterio wants to be chained down in a tag team with Sin Cara anyway.

  • Ralph Ramos

    Rey Mysterio Jr:Greatest Little Man/High Flyer of all time.

  • ray

    only if rey mysterio returned to action on a raw or smackdown not on a world tour in mexico…

    • raul cruz

      WWE wants to make sure Rey is fully recovered before putting him on tv again. It’s not so strange for wrestlers coming off injuries to work dark matches before doing tv again.