Rey Mysterio Comments on WWE Return & Retirement


Rey Mysterio spoke with about how he didn’t have surgery but instead used stem cell treatment for his injury. Mysterio also confirmed that he will be appearing during WWE’s tour of Mexico this week, but will likely not be wrestling.

“With this new procedure, it’s been floating around in the air,” Mysterio said. “There’s not that much time left before the end of the year. I’m hoping that either Thanksgiving comes a little early or Christmas comes a little early.”

Mysterio also mentioned that he might “try” to get physically involved during the tour. As for retirement, Mysterio said that he hasn’t given it any thought, and while it’s something “that’ll be down the road,” he has no plans to retire in the next two to three years.

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  1. No one cares about u Christian or Cena if all three of you retired the product would be better and you could make room for new guys finally I deserve it

  2. At least Christian has charisma. As for Mysterio if it wasn’t for his name and heritage he’d be nothing in this business. He can’t talk and can only do spots which others can do even better. And as long as Cena is wrestling someone with talent like Punk or the Rock his matches are usually good.

    • Brutal reys awesome and has a lot of fans way more then christian as much as I love him he’s like the biggest underdog in history he has a lot of charisma but s***ty mic skills but I gotta say better then most Mexicans wrestlers lol


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