Rhino Discusses Transition from ECW to WWE


Rhino was recently spoke to WIO-TV CBS-19 reporter Chris Van Vliet about his transition from ECW to WWE.

“I think that’s everybody’s goal to be the best and working for the best organization,” Rhino said. You always want to be the best in life, whether it’s family, faith, occupation, passion, you always want to do your best. And if people don’t, that’s kind of foreign to me. So I didn’t know when, but I knew I was going there. It was a treat man. It was pretty cool”

Rhino also discussed his favorite match against Booker T in TNA, where he did the Spinaroonie. He said their chemistry was great in the match but it was untelevised, so only those in attendance got to experience it.

“What I really like about that match is it tells the fans don’t miss the opportunity of going to a show, because be part of something. That was something that just Booker and I were part of and the 2500 people in attendance were part of.”

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  1. Rhino is on my top 10 guys who never became champ that should have. He was a great performer had a good gimmic and a legit beast I don’t think he was pushed right wwe tried many times but it was just the wrong angle

    • nothing to do wrong angle. He was talented yes, built right yes, but even a deaf-mute could tell u his promos sucked and he was just really bad on the mic, just awful.


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