Rhyno Retires After Being ‘Fired’ From WWE Raw


WWE legend, Rhyno was ‘fired’ during last night’s WWE Raw after losing a match against Heath Slater but during the break the former ECW star retired.

It was unclear during the show whether the angle was to simply continue into a storyline with Rhyno, but according to a report by WrestlingInc.com, during the commercial break immediately following the match, Rhyno took to the microphone and announced his retirement from wrestling.

Whilst it still hasn’t been fully confirmed yet, this would bring an end to a twenty-plus-year career that saw him earn many titles including the ECW World Heavyweight Championship, the Hardcore Championship and most recently the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship with Slater, amongst many others.

Even though Slater won his match, later on in the evening Baron Corbin also stripped away his rights as a WWE Superstar and turned him into a referee, meaning this storyline is set to continue; providing Slater with something new to work with as a singles Superstar again.