Ric Flair addresses recent Indiana bar incident


It was reported earlier this month that WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was kicked out of an Indiana bar after Flair called a bartender a “fat ass.”

Flair recently appeared on the Dan Le Batard show on ESPN Radio to clear the air about the situation. He said that he walked in and told the bartender to put the golf tournament on the TV (The Masters). The bartender asked him if he thinks this is a sports bar in which Flair responded to the man by saying that he didn’t say it was a sports bar but rather just asked him to put The Masters on. The bartender told him that he would try.

“I had only had one drink, I asked for another drink, he takes [the same] glass and [puts the] ice in and starts pouring in the same glass,” said Flair. “‘Sir, doesn’t a premium drink require a new glass?’ And he goes ‘Are you telling me how to bartend?’ And I said, ‘Not if I don’t have to, dumba–.’ ‘Did you call me a dumba–?’ ‘I can call you a dumba–, or a fat a–. Both work.’” Flair claimed that after the manager approached him, he walked out of the bar on his own. Flair made it clear that he was not arrested. You can listen to the WWE Hall of Famer explain the story below:


  1. Guy turned into such a waste of space LOL… HE is personally gonna make John Cena the greatest ever. His 16 time titles mean s*** cuz he’s a drunken old fool LOL


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