Ric Flair And Tom Brady At National Signing Day, Eden Announces New Project, More


Wrestling legend Ric “The Nature Boy” Flair is pictured below at University of Michigan ‎National Signing Day‬ with 4-time Superbowl winning quarterback of the New England Patriots Tom Brady. ‪Check the photo below:


#NationalSigningDay at University of Michigan with my man Tom Brady. #SigningOfTheStars

Posted by Ric Flair, The Nature Boy on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

WWE personality and ring announcer Eden says she’s working on a new project. She wrote the following on her official website to explain her recent absence from blogging:

“Hey guys! I know I haven’t been so swift with the blogs lately. A lot of you have been hitting me up on social media asking when the next blog is coming. Fear not! I am still blogging! But…things will be slower for awhile. This means I am working on something. Something super significant for me that is requiring A TON of my time and it’s all very necessary and worth it in the end. So please bear with me and understand that I so appreciate you guys and will post when I can, but life is ridiculously nuts right now. Road to Wrestlemania plus this side project that most people dedicate ALL of their time to…Yeesh. I’m insane. I’m aware. But I’m the same girl who had two jobs at a major University and still graduated in 4 years and with honors. Same girl who was in an intense Masters program and still found time to teach kids how to ice skate and pose for Budweiser on the beach. Was one of the best students in that class. I can multi-task like no one else. I thrive making my own way. I’ll get this done too!”

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H participated in a photo shoot on Tuesday. He tweeted this photo from backstage:


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