Ric Flair Reacts To ‘Taker’s Streak Ending & ‘Net Fans


Credit: The Niagara Falls Review

Ric Flair recently spoke about the Undertaker’s streak ending and more. Here are the highlights…

On Charlotte Getting Into Wrestling: “I didn’t encourage her,” he says. “She just went to WrestleMania with me. She was making a real nice living running a personal training center…(WWE’s) John Laurinaitis saw her and said, ‘Why aren’t you wrestling?'”

On Internet Fans: “I don’t pay any attention to that,” he says. “The internet thinks they’re smarter than we are, but they’re not. If you read the internet, it’s like watching Fox News…you don’t know what to believe. They all want to predict what they think will happen, but nobody ever knows for sure,” he adds. “As an example, 42 years in the business and I never thought Daniel Bryan would win that match (at April’s WrestleMania XXX). I didn’t think he was going to beat Hunter, and I’m attuned to it!”

On The Undertaker’s Streak Ending: “I wanted to see (the streak) go on, but I understand,” Flair said. “Times change, it is what it is. You saw how quiet the fans got. They weren’t ready for that, so obviously they didn’t foresee that.”

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  1. Ric Flair- potentially the only person in the world that didn’t see Daniel Bryan beating Triple H at WrestleMania. I definitely saw DB beating Triple H. Winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title is another story. Didn’t see that coming.

  2. F**k Ric Flair! He has a habit for trashing people and he has real nerve for trashing the fans. The bastard even had the nerve to charge fans like $50 for his autograph. Could you possibly be anymore of a prick? To be so overrated with a hand-me-down stage name, he really doesn’t have any room to talk s***. The fans made his wrinkled ass what it is today and I’m not hating, I’m just saying don’t bite the hands that fed you, you old c***y decrepit f**k!

    • ROFL, Why b**** about his autograph price? people like you will get it, then sell it for more on ebay.

  3. Flair makes a good point. You have a bunch of marks online that think they know more than wrestling veterans. Most of ’em are quite young and can’t tell you anything about the NWA of the 80’s which was arguably the greatest all around pro wrestling ever. And any moron who says Ric Flair is overrated has seen very little of his career. In his prime, there was no one to this day that has been better. He was the complete package and then some. The man traveled constantly all over the World and had arguably the toughest schedule of any athlete. Flair could go, man. He could carry and make a coked up Kerry Von Erich look like a million bucks! He could take a jobber like George South and produce a 5 star match. His workrate was unparalleled and this reason among many others is why he was a consistent, multiple times World champ that could easily carry the title for two years straight without losing it. Let’s see ANYONE try and attempt to do that today. It wouldn’t fly.

    Autographs. Flair based on his legendary status as arguably the greatest ever and the fact that he worked damn hard and always gave the fans 110% every day/night for decades deserves the right to charge for his autograph at this stage in his career. If you don’t like it…TOO BAD. There are plenty of fans that appreciate what this man has given them(countless hours of entertainment and wrestling gold) and will gladly pay for his autograph. He doesn’t always charge either. If he’s being booked somewhere and paid well, they’ll usually have free sessions. I got a free autograph from Ric at a Walmart and a Verizon store.

    Lastly, I just love the fact that Flair is a Republican(or perhaps has left that party) and slammed “FoxNews”! That just made my day. They are NOT real news. They are biased and work for corporate America. Which means if you have a brain, you wouldn’t be watching that network. However, Shep Smith is the lone voice of reason over there. And guess what? He just slammed his “FoxNews” colleagues the other day too!

    Agree on ‘Takers streak. Shouldn’t have ended…especially to Brock Lesnar of all people. Point made. Take care, people.

    • Doesn’t hurt that he payed for the Big Gold, so it was pretty much up to him who was champ. When I think about Ric Flair two words sum him up. Penis Helicopter. ’nuff said.

  4. I prefer the ’80s Ric Flair not this deranged version not showing up to signings and holding out for more money.


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