Ring Of Honor Redefines ‘Pure Rules’, 16-Man Field Announced For Pure Title Tournament


Ring of Honor Wrestling has announced the full field for their upcoming ROH Pure Title tournament, in addition to reestablishing the rules of the championship itself.

The Pure Title was first created in 2004 as a no-nonsense option for strictly enforced, “pure” professional wrestling, and was held by names like AJ Styles, Doug Williams, Nigel McGuinness and Samoa Joe in its short two-year run.

A 16-man tournament will take place over eight weeks, beginning the weekend of September 12 on Ring of Honor Television. Below is a complete list of names competing:

  • Matt Sydal
  • Delirious
  • Jay Lethal
  • Dalton Castle
  • Jonathan Gresham
  • Tracy Williams
  • Kenny King
  • Silas Young
  • David Finlay
  • Rocky Romero
  • PJ Black
  • Josh Woods
  • Fred Yehi
  • Tony Deppen
  • Wheeler Yuta
  • Rust Taylor

Every match contested under “Pure Rules” must begin and end with an adherence to the Code of Honor (a handshake). 20-counts will be enforced outside of the ring, and wrestlers only have three rope breaks each in order to break up a pin or submission.

Once the actual Pure Champion has been crowned, the title CAN change hands due to DQ or countout. That’s particularly important because wrestlers only get one warning before being DQ’d for a closed-fist punch, and if anyone interferes in a Pure Title match, they’ll be immediately terminated from the roster. Seriously.