Rob Van Dam Clarifies Comments Towards TNA Roster

After receiving backlash from listens for a previous podcast on comments made towards the TNA roster, Rob Van Dam decided to put out another podcast to clarify his comments that WWE has the better talent.

“So I had mentioned that it’s good to be back in WWE, where the best of the best are. The wrestling caliber here is so much higher than everywhere else I’ve ever been. These fools have taken that to say that I’m putting TNA down. ‘You’re two-faced, you’re a backstabber.’ No, I’m not saying that.

“TNA has a lot of really really good wrestlers that could easily come to WWE and go right up to the top and still be some of the best wrestlers here. They also have a lot of wrestlers that can go to NXT and learn a lot and get a lot more rounded before they go somewhere. And if you ask any TNA wrestlers who’ve been at the top like Jeff Hardy or Kurt Angle or Bubba Dudley or Devon Dudley, I’m pretty sure they would agree with me.

“Now better is an opinion, so for you ridiculous fans that want to say, ‘Nu uh, I think the wrestling style is better at Ring of Honor. That’s where it’s a true art.’ Yes, I’m not giving a mark’s perspective. That’s for you. In fact, I’m giving a wrestler’s perspective being in the ring wrestling with wrestlers. Unless you don’t think I qualify, Google me. You might see I’ve been around. But for you marks that want to give your opinion, yes, you have the right to your opinion.”

The SummerSlam 2013 Reaction…..

  • Louisa Baton

    I admit I did say ROH is better but I’ve never made fun of your Wrestling. Your toking; however, is world renown lol. Don’t call me a Mark and I won’t call you a scab lol. Now on a serious note, I’m glad you are somewhere you like and are truly happy and I wish you all the best.

    • allan

      roh was better but anyone who got any fame there left cause its going no where, and now its crap there is no scale, anyone can be a world champion and its all about hard hitting bloody matches more then pure athletic and ring tech skills.

  • J West

    I don’t think RVD owed anyone an apology… If TNA thinks that he have anywhere close to the talent level of WWE they are out of their mind!!! There are 5-10 TNA guys who could do anything in WWE and 2 of the (Daniels and Kazarian) would only make it as a tag team. Aries, Roode, possibly… Ofcourse the big guns like Bully, Kurt, and Sting… The TNA Champion wouldn’t even make it in NXT… TNA is a joke, and Ring Of Honor is not much better… God forbid they hire a decent writer or two… I would love for a company to challenge WWE but it is sure as hell not ROH or TNA

    • Frankie Martinez

      unfortunately, nobody can afford it or when they do, they hire has beens that only want to get themselves over. but to be fair, it’s our fault for not voting with our wallets so that they do things that are really ” good for bussiness “, but ” bussiness ” should mean ” the fans ” ; no fans, no $$$ for them…..

  • Louisa Baton

    It’s a money thing with WWE, They don’t have wrestling that’s fun to watch but they have soap opera type story lines and twitter. They encourage boredom. Why would you tell people to go twitter in the middle of your program. That’s like saying go to the refrigerator during the football game. People do it anyway but don’t encourage it. Eric Bischoff had an open pocketbook when running WCW but Vince had an open mind which was better, running WWF. ROH could use an open pocketbook and the others would be in real trouble.