Rob Van Dam Comments on TNA Failing to Promote Him Correctly


Rob Van Dam took a shot at TNA for not promoting him properly during the latest installment of RVD Live Podcast.

“I read this yesterday on some story. It said, ‘With one 48-second video, WWE can make RVD mean more than he’s meant in the last several years.’ I think it’s true. The reason I think that’s true is because like over the last several years I’ve had so many people say, ‘RVD, you got to get back in the ring. What did you do, retire?”

“You know, and I’m always promoting, ‘No, no, Thursday nights on Spike every week.’ And I’ve done that for three years. I don’t know about you, but I get that all the time. All the time. And that’s the difference between this and this.”

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  1. I think Spike could probably do a better job of promoting Impact but I also think that there are just a lot of people who only think of WWE when they think of pro wrestling. If you aren’t in WWE, to some people, you aren’t wrestling.


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