Rob Van Dam Discusses How He’s Treated In the WWE Locker Room


Rob Van Dam spoke to Slam! Wrestling about the the current backstage locker room vibe.

“The locker room is a different vibe, it’s a more positive vibe, guys are not afraid for their position like they used to be,” RVD said. “At the end (of his first run with WWE) it was really miserable. Plus, I have more leverage now. I have more seniority with guys like Rock, Hogan, Flair, DX gone. It’s different how I’m being treated. I’m in a different point in my life. The travelling is not as hard as it was. I’m enjoying it now. We just had an 18-day tour and I was kind of apprehending that tour, but it wasn’t like that at all, it was a pleasure and I enjoyed it a lot.”

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  1. Interesting he said “guys are not afraid for their position” in contrast to the HHH storyline going on right now. I hope he doesn’t get in trouble for that.

  2. RVD has been and continues to be a pure joy to watch wrestle. I have always appreciated his work ethic, especially in ECW, and support the guy. I think he deserves to have more titles in WWE for the talent he obviously has.


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