Rob Van Dam on Hitting Rock Bottom, His Return to Impact Wrestling, Bringing ECW to WWE


Rob Van Dam recently spoke to Chris Van Vilet on a variety of topics. One of those topics was RVD’s recent personal issues, which saw the former world champion abusing alcohol while going through a painful divorce.

“I had a 13-hour blackout. That was my rock bottom. The wife left and the divorce was really rough for me, I was kicking and screaming, fighting it, I looked at it like a failure. Had I known I’d be so happy now, then I would’ve been like okay cool, let’s get this over with quick. But at the time, I looked at it like something I didn’t want. All I had was my dog, that was my one source of love. The wife left, I just had the dog. Boom, the dog died and then boom, my dad dies. That was the source for it.”

Van Dam did come out on the other side of his depression, much to the relief of fans that have followed him since his days in ECW. Rob has made another comeback in the business, most recently with Impact Westling.

RVD talked about working with the company again and why he chose to return.

“It was all business. First I signed for one show…didn’t even realize it was an Impact show. It was just a one-off at WrestleCon…and then I saw on the contract that it was Impact and I was like, that’s interesting. And then Scott D’Amore talked to me about doing a few more dates and I agreed to that and then a few more dates and I agreed to that. And it is because they’re making it worth my while.”

Van Dam also spoke about bringing the ECW brand into WWE. RVD, along with ECW originals including The Dudley Boyz, Sandman and Tommy Dreamer, brought Paul Heyman’s creation to Vince McMahon’s company during the early 2000’s. That ‘invasion” later became an actual relaunch of ECW as a new brand for WWE.

“With WWE, the greatest thing for me was bringing the ECW style back in the WWE spotlight and then changing the entire playing field so that I was the right guy to be the champion. Otherwise, that never would’ve happened. So for me, that’s a major accomplishment as far as like changing the business.”

RVD will be the subject of a new documentary that will feature him on the road doing standup comedy, as well as his experiences as a recognized pro wrestler.

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