Rob Van Dam Reveals Why He Can No Longer Work For WWE


Former WWE and ECW Champion Rob Van Dam recently spoke with The Blast, and during the interview, Van Dam spoke out about his current wrestling status.

On the subject of ever returning to WWE, Van Dam revealed that a concussion he suffered at an indy event has “caused visual impairment” and has “disqualified me from working for the WWE.” Van Dam added he was evaluated by WWE earlier this year, and the company’s Concussion Management Program protocol confirmed his concussion and inability to return to the company.

Van Dam also noted that his merchandise contract with WWE ended back in July of this year, so he will no longer be receiving residuals from merchandise sold by WWE.

Van Dam last wrestled in WWE in August of 2014, and lost his final match in the company against Seth Rollins on the August 29th edition of WWE Smackdown. RVD made an appearance at the 2014 Slammy Awards, as a presenter, and has since attended WWE events such as the Hall of Fame Ceremony. Since his WWE departure, RV has wrestled for independent promotions such as House of Hardcore, 5 Star Wrestling, Pacific Coast Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling and more.

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  • Davey T

    Not sure I’d want to be in the ring with someone who does high risk with “visual impairments”.

    • Mike Killam

      Remember the Elimination Chamber five star frog splash?

  • Justa Nother Guy

    Yo that sucks for “Mr. Monday Night”, does that mean he receives no residuals form the sale of the WWE 2k18 game that didn’t come out till October. Like they partly sold the Collectors Edition by saying that you get RVD. That would be real awful for them to sell it on his name without having to pay him for it.

    • Mike Killam

      Different contracts. I’m sure WWE stars have it in their contracts about the video games, since its an annual thing, but for the one-off or special appearances that’s 2K dealing with the talents. He for sure gets paid for his likeness. WWE doesn’t own the RVD name or likeness either, so it’s doubly true in this case.

      • Lee Walker

        Just give him a legends contract

        • Justa Nother Guy

          I would think that WWE might not want to align themselves with RVD. At least until he stops his “recreational habits”. But i think in a few years we could see RVD in the HOF. His years of prominence in ECW, his ludicrously long reign with the ECW TV title, and beating Cena at One Night Stand unifying the WWE and ECW titles will see to that.

          • Lee Walker

            RVD smokes yes, but guess what…hes not the only one

          • Justa Nother Guy

            Agreed, but they are not gonna sign him to a legends deal until he does. The fact that he was pulled over under the influence of drugs is what lead to him losing the title. There is no way the WWE offers him what amounts to a ambassador contract while he continues to smoke weed and is vocal about smoking. They can’t risk some kid getting arrested for smoking weed saying he thought it was cool because RVD does it.

          • Lee Walker

            I agree with you. If anything for now, the most I see RVD and WWE have any relationship its just for Super Card and WWE 2k series!

  • Robert Schutte

    I would hate to question the integrity of any of these guys, but I would hope that there were hopes for recovery from concussions. I wonder if it also isn’t an acceptable cover for the more obvious disagreements RVD has had with WWE wellness– Not saying he wouldn’t pass, just saying that the other issue prevents their being at odds again over the issue.

  • firstname lastname

    What his pot doesn’t cure his concussion? BUT I THOUGHT IT WAS A SECRET MIRACLE MEDICINE!

    • Lee Walker

      ^ complete ignorant comment

  • Lee Walker

    This sucks he was one of my favorite wrestlers

  • Jeff Rittenour

    Keep wrestling those unsafe indy dates when you’re over the hill… I mean how cool is it to be retired while hulk hogan could theoretically get back in the ring lol