Rob Van Dam’s IMPACT Contract Set To Expire In January


Rob Van Dam recently sat down with Wrestling INC.’s WINCLY podcast to discuss his fruitful relationship with IMPACT Wrestling. Van Dam rejoined the promotion earlier this year, after leaving in 2013.

During the interview Van Dam mentioned that his contract with the company is up in January. It is always possible that Van Dam re-signs with the company. He described himself as a “premium wrestler that not everyone can bring aboard” that demands a high price to keep his schedule manageable.

Van Dam had nothing but nice things to say about the IMPACT locker room, after feeling that his last tenure saw too much backstage competition.

Transcription via Wrestling INC.

“This time around everyone is so cool and a lot of them grew up watching me. Sometimes they tell me that I’m the reason they’re wrestling right now. That means a lot even at the risk of marking out. The boys treat me with love and respect even though I’m not a locker room leader or anything. If somebody wants advice, I’ll give it to them. Otherwise I’m in the corner stretching and doing my ninja thing.

“In the office as well, they treat me with respect…As far as what I’m interested in with a lesser workload, it’s perfect for me.”

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