Roddy Piper Speaks Out – Legends House & More



Roddy Piper recently spoke about the WWE Legends House show. Here are the highlights…

On his reaction to watching the debut episode of Legends House: “First thing, I’m uncomfortable. There are some things I forgot — [grimaces]— uncomfortable.”

On the end of the episode: “I’m in the desert, and I realize, ‘Where the hell am I going to go?’ I thought maybe I could grab a car, hitchhike,” Piper said. “I’m in my bathrobe. [I didn’t know what] my line of baloney would have been. I cleared the house, and I’m in the desert — snakes, scorpions. I hate snakes. Big full moon. It’s true. Full moons, I don’t know why, something about a full moon. I just don’t want them to exploit the guys. I didn’t know they were going to…”

His feelings on the show: “I think it’s very authentic,” Piper said. “Like nobody there is trying to pretend ‘I’m this,’ or ‘I gotta live up to this.’ Everybody in there has been around long enough, they’re just kind of being themselves, like we are here. Nobody’s putting up any airs.”

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