Roderick Strong vs Hideo Itami: Game Changer

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The Game Changer

hideo itami

Photo Credit: WWE YouTube

On the latest episode of 205 Live, Hideo Itami faced Roderick Strong in the tournament designed to crown a new Cruiserweight Champion at Wrestlemania. Both men are incredible wrestlers, and they delivered nothing short of an incredible match. It was hard-hitting, fast-paced, and back and forth. It was everything the cruiserweight division should have been since it debuted on the main roster.

Strong v Itami told a simple story – it was a match between two of the best in-ring performers who want to go to Wrestlemania and become the new Cruiserweight Champion. There were no long, drawn out talking segments to build up this incredible match – all we needed to know was why they were wrestling, and then the two of them went out and put on a show.

Almost half of the 205 Live broadcast was even dedicated to Hideo and Strong, giving them plenty of time to win over the fans who are not very familiar with their pasts. And by the end of the match, most of the crowd were on board and invested in the hard-hitting affair.

While some people have argued WWE is more than just about two men stepping in a ring. The beauty of the cruiserweight division was that it was completely different to what we saw on Raw and Smackdown. It’s more of a sport – it is two supremely talented wrestlers battling for a prize.

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