ROH COO Joe Koff On If He Is Worried About G1 Supercard Retaliation From WWE


Ring of Honor Chief Operating Officer Joe Koff recently spoke with Newsday, and below are some interview highlights.

During the interview, Koff discussed the ROH and NJPW G1 Supercard event at Madison Square Garden next year and the issues pertaining to WWE regarding the event.

“This was a big decision, and we had to take a look at the risks and the reward. But, really, what it came down to was: Where are we going to run that weekend if we want to run in New York? It’s hard to find a building that can accommodate wrestling in that 6,000 to 10,000 range that’s in the city and that’s not a schlep to get to,” said Koff, who noted that the “WWE wasn’t even thinking of using” the Garden on that night. “I can’t speak for other organizations and why they do or they don’t use it. It was the right venue for us on that day.”

“I would expect that, as I’ve seen at every other city, on that weekend all of their events are sell-outs . . . I really believe the people who bought tickets to Madison Square Garden would have bought tickets to Ring of Honor no matter where we were,” said Koff, who is not concerned with the prospect of WWE retaliating against ROH. “If I’m in their crosshairs, I don’t feel that I’ve ever not been in their crosshairs, but not for anything more than the talent that I have and the opportunity that they see in taking our talent. But I don’t feel any strain on our relationship.”

For its part, WWE in a statement said “Madison Square Garden is, of course, free to work with Ring of Honor however they want.”

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