ROH Final Battle Results (12/15): Cody vs Dalton Castle, Bullet Club Defends 6-Man Titles, MCMG in Action & More


ROH Final Battle Results
December 15, 2017
Report by Mike Killam for

– The crowd is all kinds of fired up as we go live from the world famous Hammerstein Ballroom in New York. We’ve got a stacked card tonight as Cody Rhodes defends the world title against Dalton Castle, Motor City puts the ROH World Tag Team Championship on the line against Chuck Taylor and Trent, the Bullet Club defends the six-man titles and a whole lot more.


Taven came out with the other members of The Kingdom, so it looks like Ospreay has an uphill battle ahead of him. Great back and forth match to get things started. Ospreay with his usual high-flying offense as Taven was looking to show he could hang in there with the “Aerial Assassin”. My feed cut out for about five minutes here…

Taven blocks the Cheeky Nandos Kick but Ospreay shot him straight up into the air and planted him with a sickening kick to the jaw. Springboard Shooting Star Press to the outside takes out the rest of The Kingdom! He rolled back into the ring, connecting with a beautiful corkscrew kick, looking to finish off the bout. Ospreay handsprings off the ropes thinking Oscutter, but Taven had it scouted with a shot to the back, followed by a devastating headlock driver! Climax connects! 1…2…3! Big upset for The Kingdom’s Matt Taven!

Winner: Matt Taven


Daniels and Kazarian got the cocky beaten out of them real quickly as Ray Rowe started throwing massive dropkicks and lighting them both up with simultaneously splashes in the corner. The Addiction finally got the numbers game advantage and starting tagging Rowe with moonsaults and elbow drops in their corner. Warbeard Hanson came in like a bat out of hell throwing bodies around like sacks of flour, and running through both guys with a seated splash in the corner. Daniels threw him out of the ring and two nearly got a fall on Rowe, but the ref saw his feet on the ropes at the last second. Daniels with for the rollup almost stealing it again, but the ref caught him with a handful of tights. Not today! Hanson came back in to save his partner and springboarded off the ropes with a ridiculous double back elbow. Fallout connects from War Machine on Daniels! Fallout to Kazarian! 1…2…3.

Winners: War Machine


This program is all about Scurll trying to bring out the inner “villain” inside of a Jay Lethal he believes has gone soft. The Bullet Club member came out dressed in all white, one of the coolest outfits I’ve seen him bring to the ring. They started off with a smooth back and forth grappling display, looking for positioning. Things quickly broke down into blatant disrespect as Scurll slapped his opponent right in the face, and Lethal laughed it off and fired back with rights and lefts. Springboard elbow connects from Lethal followed by a beating in the corner, before the two rolled to the outside and began throwing each other into the barricades. Scurll got the upper hand blocking a suicide dive attempt and immediately went to work, choking his opponent in the ropes and putting the boots to him.

Lethal eventually mounts a comeback, refusing to stay down. He starts throwing uppercuts by Scurll gives it right back. They square up and just start hammering away with brutal elbow shots and chops, but neither will give an inch. Jay starts getting more and more viscous, prompting the referee to back him off which gave “The Villain” a chance to take cheap shots. The commentary team began to wonder if Lethal’s being taunted off his game, but just like that he came back and caught his opponent in a devastating Torture Rack, rolled into an inverted Samoan Drop! They fought up to the top rope trading rights and lefts until Lethal finally connected with a huge superplex, but he only got two.

Jay rolled to the outside to recollect himself, but Scurll came out of nowhere with a wicked tornado DDT planting his opponent head-first into the ground. Both men are down. Slowly they crawled their way back to the apron, but Scurll connected out of nowhere with a cutter to the floor! After a beat they both managed to make it back into the ring. Lethal Injection coming, but Scurll had it scouted and caught him out of the air into the Chicken Wing! Lethal rolled him forward into a small package and almost stole the three-count. The referee ended up going down and Scurll went to get a steel chair, but Lethal stole it, put it around his own neck and played dead! The referee recovered and started screaming at Marty, as the crowd rained down echoing “EDDIE!” chants. The ref got the weapon out of the ring but the Villain took the opportunity to hit a low blow, followed by a brutal piledriver. 1…2…LETHAL KICKED OUT! Lethal kicked Scurll in the nuts! LETHAL INJECTION! 1…2…3!

Winner: Jay Lethal

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