ROH Honor For All Results (7/20): Insane 3-Way Tag Match, Nick Aldis Defends the 10 Pounds of Gold, More


ROH Honor For All Results
July 20, 2018
Nashville, TN

Report by Mike Killam for


Sky went right after the champion despite being a serious size advantage, firing off with rapid punches and strikes until Punishment leveled him with a big boot. The champion connected with some big splashes in the corner and clapped Sky’s ears in a spot that made me physically cringe. A sidewalk slam got a two-count, and things slowed down as Martinez slapped on a side headlock. After a beat, the crowd willed the challenger back into the bout and he flew off the ropes with a double foot stomp to the back, followed by a springboard hurricanrana. Punishment begged off to the outside but Sky wouldn’t let him go, flying over the ropes with a beautiful tope con hilo. He rolled the big man back into the ring and hit a rolling cutter over the ropes, but it wasn’t enough. Sky tried for a cutter on the apron but Martinez shook him off, hit a big elbow strike to stagger the challenger, and knocked his lights out with a Curb Stomp on the very edge of the ring. Punishment hit the South of Heaven sit-out chokeslam, and that’s all she wrote.

Winner and Still Champion: Punishment Martinez

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Sumie came out of the gates with a series of short-arm clotheslines and flew off the top rope with a missile dropkick. Karen caught her by the hair and turned things around with a running bulldog before stomping away with boots in the corner. The challenger mocked the fans yelling, “IS THIS YOUR CHAMPION?” while working rest holds. Sumie tried to mount a comeback, shaking the hold with an armdrag, but ran right into a hard elbow strike. Karen controlled the action for several minutes with some basic offense, working holds and throwing suplexes and slams when she needed to. Sumie eventually fought back and did another missile dropkick from the second rope, then fired away with rapid strikes and kicks. She looked to put the bout away, but Ms. Q caught in a huge Full Nelson slam for a nearfall. She hooked in a Boston Crab, sitting down on the hold, and nearly got herself disqualified as the champion pulled herself into the ropes to break things up. The champ fired back with a rolling back elbow, but Karen charged her into the corner and hit a Buckle Bomb, followed by a quick Samoan Drop for another extremely close nearfall. A frustrated challenger went out to ringside and grabbed the Women of Honor title, screaming “THIS SHOULD BE MINE!” She grabbed a chair and threw it in the ring to distract the referee, then pulled the old Eddie Guerrero spot throwing the title belt to Sumie just as the ref turned around. Karen went for the Samoan Drop a second time, but Sumie rolled her up and scored the fall.

Winner: Sumie Sakai

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