ROH Supercard of Honor Results (4/7): Cody vs Omega, Dalton Castle Defends Against The Villain, More


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ROH Supercard of Honor XII
April 7, 2018

Dark Match
Sumie Sakai def. Tenille Dashwood to advance to the finals of the Women of Honor Championship tournament.

Dark Match
Kelly Klein def. Mayu Iwatani to advance to the finals of the Women of Honor Championship tournament.


The two locked up to get things started and it was all Gresham, as he easily shook off Taylor’s offense and taunted his opponent to step up his game. After a few more exchanges Chuck got pissed and connected with a knee to the midsection and a suplex, but was thrown to the outside. Gresh nearly killed himself on a suicide dive to the floor, overshooting his target and almost landing on his head. Chuckie T took a breather and escaped into the arms of his best friend Trent. Gresham went after them but didn’t want to accidentally attack the injured Baretta and stopped short, allowing Taylor to hit him with a sick backbreaker, rolling back into the ring for a close two-count. They trade submission attempts and eventually just start throwing elbow and forearm strikes at each other’s faces. Gresham thought he had it with a moonsault, but only got two. He thought he had it again after a brutal tornado DDT, but again it wasn’t enough. He’s starting to show signs of frustration here, picking up Chuck who surprises him with an inside cradle to steal the win.

Winner: Chuck Taylor


The Punisher starts throwing huge right hooks as soon as the bell sounds, but you’re going to need a lot more than that to effect the Stone Pitbull. He backed things into the corner and started pummelling away with running lariats, but Ishii came right back and slugged away at him with stiff elbows. Martinez hit a big boot to send his opponent to the floor then came flying over the corner ropes, clearing the ring and nearly killing himself on a tope con hilo. That’s the second time in two matches someone nearly got seriously injured doing a fairly standard dive.

Both guys slowly rolled back into the ring and started teeing off on each other with elbows and chops. They fought up to the top rope and Martinez somehow managed to hit a hurricanrana to send them both crashing back to Earth. He fired off with high kicks to the side of the head, pretty impresssive for a guy as tall as he is, but Ishii ducked under a second kick and connected with an even more impressive release German suplex, picking up a two-count. Again they fought to the top rope and the Stone Pitbull chipped his opponent down with thick headbutts, then hoisted him up for a superplex. Ishii looked like he wanted to put things away and went for his signature diving lariat, but Punishment caught him by the neck, lifted him up and connected with a chokeslam! Back up and… South of Heaven connects! 1…2…3!

Winner: Punishment Martinez

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