ROH Supercard of Honor Results (4/7): Cody vs Omega, Dalton Castle Defends Against The Villain, More



There’s a lot of taunting to begin this match as Hangman doesn’t seem to be taking things seriously, spending all his time taunting, and Ibushi made him pay with a series of quick kicks and elbow strikes. He went for a dive to the outside but Page avoided it and threw his opponent hard into the barricade, rolling back into the ring to slow things down. Again he’s waisting time, kicking Ibushi in the head and taunting him for more, which is just a terrible plan if you want to win. The Golden Star gave him that “I’m going to kill you” look and launched into a flurry of more kicks and jumping knees, lighting him up like a Christmas tree.

They fought out to the apron and Kota teased a Golden Triangle Moonsault, but Hangman crotched him on the ropes and sent him crashing down hard. Page climbed on top of the barricade but Ibushi jumped up to meet him, nearly murdering his opponent with a release German suplex planting him on his head. He went back into the ring and this time connected with the Golden Triangle Moonsault! Both guys slowly rolled back into the ring, Ibushi into the cover, but Hangman barely kicked out before three.

They started traded elbows and chops, beating the hell out of each other. Ibushi tried for a powebomb but Hangman reversed the manuever into a devastating cradle piledriver! 1…2…NO! Page is furious now and doesn’t know what he has to do. He goes to the apron and dives through the ropes connection with a DDT, but still can’t put his opponent away. Ibushi with a roll-up out of nowhere, didn’t get it, but immediately dead-lifted his opponent into a beautiful bridging German suplex. These guys are dead. They start trading chops again and this time it’s Ibushi who gets a little cocky, telling Page to bring it up. The Hangman responds with some brutal licks but Kota hits him with the Golden Star Powerbomb! 1…2…NO! KAMIGOYE CONNECTS! 1…2…3!

Winner: Kota Ibushi

Women of Honor Championship Finals

Klein attacks before the bell and gets in several shots, raining down on her opponent’s back which took some damage earlier in the night. Sumie battled back but got caught with a brutal German suplex that folded her up on the back of the neck. This was the story of the match throughout, with Sakai trying desperately to mount a comeback and show heart, but Klein just bullying her mercilessly. There was another spot where Sumie fired off with a series of strikes and quick kicks, but Kelly just booted her in the chest and sent her flying across the ring. Of course she would eventually get her second wind and hit a DDT to pick up a win in a finish that seemed to catch everyone off guard. Sumie ends Kelly’s win streak and becomes the first champion.

Winner and First Ever WOH Champion: Sumie Sakai 

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