ROH Supercard of Honor Results (4/7): Cody vs Omega, Dalton Castle Defends Against The Villain, More


ROH 6-Man Championship Ladder Match

Buckle up ladies and gentlemen, there’s no way I’m getting all of this. The Bucks were covered in streamers during their entrance and got the biggest reaction of the night so far. They dove out of the ring immediately to take out the champions and the chaos pretty much never stopped from there. The first major spot of the match was Kazarian hitting a TKO on Flip Gordon from the top of a ladder! Sick. Daniels hit the ring and the Bucks sent him flying into another ladder with a quick release belly-to-belly suplex. There’s way too much going on here to keep track of.

Scorpio Sky took everyone down with hurricanranas and headscissors because he’s a wizard. The champions were about to get rid of the Bucks and isolate Flip, throwing him brutally into ladders and running a train of lariats on him in the corner. He eventually came back with crazy kicks to take out Daniels, then did a monkey flip that sent Kaz flying into a ladder set up in the corner. Flip dove through the ropes to take out Scorpio at the same time that the Bucks recovered and murdered Kaz with stereo superkicks. Madness.

Time to get more ridiculous… Flip jumped from a ladder to the top turnbuckle, landed on the post with one leg and jumped into a moonsault into the opposite direction to take out all three of his opponents. Nick Jackson then started on one side of the ring, springboarded onto a ladder, jumped across three different ladders and springboarded int the entire group. Flip climbed the ladders and looked to win the match, but The Kingdom all came out of nowhere and completely destroyed him with a triple team finisher. Matt Taven did an absurd dive to take out SoCal, but the Bucks came back and fought them off.

Eventually things came down to the original six men all fighting on top of three ladders all trying to reach the titles. Of course, they all ended up the ground by the time the segment was over. Nick came out of nowhere with a giant springboard facebuster to murder Kazarian. The Bucks started throwing superkicks, but the Kingdom recovered on the outside and a 9-way brawl has once again broken out. Gordon came off the top rope to take down 8 guys at one time. WE HAVE TABLES! The Kingdom all end up on different tables, and the Young Bucks and Flip all springboard off different ropes to squash them all! The finish came when Matt nearly had the titles in hand, but Daniels knocked the ladder over and sent him crashing through a fourth table that appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

Winners and Still Champions: SoCal Uncensored

– After the match The Kingdom beat down Daniels, took the trios titles and ran through the crowd escaping with them.

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