ROH Supercard of Honor Results (4/7): Cody vs Omega, Dalton Castle Defends Against The Villain, More


ROH World Tag Team Championship Match

This match has the unfortunate distinction of airing at the same time as Gargano/Ciampa on the other television in my living room…

Jay locked up with Lethal to get things started and took him over with a side headlock, shot him into the ropes and got a knock down with a hard shoulder tackle. The champs tried to isolate him but Jay rolled to safety and made the tag to his partner as the crowd came alive for the New Japan Ace. Tanahashi locked up with Mark and sent him flying into the babyface corner with a dragon screw. Lethal tagged back in and they put the boots to Briscoe until Jay broke it up and the match spilled to the floor. Brawl time. After several minutes of both teams going back and forth throwing each other into barricades, ring steps and anything else not nailed down, Tanahashi connected with a High Fly Flow to the ground taking Mark out, as Lethal few through the ropes with his trio of suicide dives to take out Jay. Great sequence.

Eventually everyone rolled back into the ring and Tanahashi started firing off on Mark with elbow shots, but gets dropped over the top rope. Crowd wasn’t happy with him for that. The Briscoes cornered the Ace and put the boots to him, knocking Lethal off the apron multiple times as he gets more and more frustrated about not being able to get back into the match. Mark puts Tana on the top rope and hammers away with right hands, but gets caught with another dragon screw in the ropes. Slingblade connects, and Lethal makes the hot tag!

Lethal goes wild on Jay with right hands and hard elbow strikes. He tries for the Injection but gets caught with a dropkick to the back of the head for two. More elbows and kicks from Lethal followed by the Lethal Combination! He climbs to the top rope looking for Hail to the King but crashes and burns as Briscoe gets his knees up. Mark returns to do some damage as they put the boots to Lethal and hit him with a backbreaker/elbow drop combination. The former champion builds his comeback and hits the Injection out of nowhere! 1…2… NO! He tries for it again out of pure desperation but Jay throws him inside out with a killer German suplex. Mark gets him up on his shoulder as Jay takes out Tanahashi on the top rope – DOOMSDAY DEVICE! 1…2…3.

Winners and Still Champions: The Briscoes

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