ROH Supercard of Honor Results (4/7): Cody vs Omega, Dalton Castle Defends Against The Villain, More


ROH World TV Championship Last Man Standing Match

They both start swinging for the fences as soon as the bell rings and King gets the upper hand with a backbreaker, but Young came right back with a running big boot in the corner and threw more right hands, pelting away at the champion over and over again. They battled up to the top rope and the challenger looked for a suplex to the outside, but instead they both tumbled over the ropes to the floor. Young went for the weapons first just blasting his opponent with a trash can over and over. The toys started coming out including a table that didn’t get set up, several chairs, trash cans and trash can lids. King blocked a big boot and wrecked Silas with a lid, pelting him over the head and the back numerous times. He went to the floor and set up a table, put the challenger on top of it, but of course Beer City Bruiser came out to make the save. King had it scouted though and went after the big man destroying him with trash cans and lids, bringing him to his knees and smacked him with a steel chair until he had to roll under the ring to avoid being hit. King rolled Young’s body onto the table and went up top, hitting a Shooting Star Press all the way to the floor, through the table! Wow. HOLD ON! Beer City is still under the ring and has grabbed a hold of the champion, tying his feet together with some kind of binding! He wraps his hands as well, then picks up Young and the referee is forced to make the count to ten. Shades of Batista being taped to the ring post by John Cena.

Winner and New Champion: Silas Young

– After the match the new champion and Beer City put the boots to Silas Young, brutally attacking him while his feet and hands were still bound. AUSTIN ARIES IS HERE! The IMPACT World Champion has all five of his titles but drops them to make the save, attacking Young and Bruiser with chairs and trash can lids. The two bail up the ramp with the ROH TV title as Aries helps King free himself.

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