ROH Supercard of Honor Results (4/7): Cody vs Omega, Dalton Castle Defends Against The Villain, More


KENNY OMEGA vs. CODY RHODES (w/ Brandi Rhodes & Bury the Bear)

There’s a “HOLY S–T” chant before the bell even rings. Kenny goes to lock up but Cody begs off and goes to make out with his wife, which immediately sends the fans into a loud “F–K YOU CODY” chant. They finally lock up and it’s Omega that takes control with a side headlock, and a dropkick to the back. He sends Cody to the outside and does the Termintor pose looking to fly, but Bury the Bear trips him up and walks away like nothing happened. Omega instead flew over the ropes taking out the mascot, knocking off his mask, but the referee forces the mystery man to go to the back before we can see who was under the disguise.

The distraction was enough for Cody to attack his opponent from behind, then do push-ups while his wife fawns over him from the ring apron. Rhodes hit another dropkick to the back and went to the corner teasing Shattered Dreams, shades of his brother Goldust which got a massive pop from the fans, but instead flipped them all off. Instead he started kicking away at Kenny’s knees before slapping on an Indian Deathlock, but they rolled into the ropes. Brandi threw her husband some sort of foreign object which the referee saw and retreated, but it was all a set-up as it gave the American Nightmare time to kick his foe right between the legs.

Cody slowed things down for several minutes taking his time taunting The Cleaner, messing with Brandi and working his opponent over with rest holds. Eventually Kenny battled back and the two started pelting each other with brutal elbow shots until Kenny connected with a wicked V-Trigger knee strike. He followed up with a second knee strike. Cody fought back and tried for the Cross Rhodes but got caught in a series of snap dragon suplexes, landing on his neck. One-Winged Angel attempt coming, but Brandi is there to make sure it doesn’t happen. Kenny goes after her but again it’s an opening for the Nightmare to take control.

A table gets set up on the floor and Cody wants his finisher off the apron, but Omega fights back and tries to suplex him through it. Instead the table got kicked over on its side and Kenny connected with a snap dragon suplex on the apron! Both guys are dead. Back and forth we go, until Cody reverses another suplex and just throws his opponent stomach first on top of the edge of the table, shattering it the REALLY hard way. Yikes. Rhodes dragged him back in the ring to make a cover, but only got two.

It’s time for both guys to slap each other in the chest so many times that they’re both practically bleeding through their pores. Omega hits a reverse rana and meanwhile on the outside, Brandi had set up a second table on the floor. He tried for the V-Trigger but Cody dodges out of the way and it sent him flying into his wife, knocking Brandi off the apron and crashing through the table! “HOLY S–T!” CODY WITH THE CROSS RHODES FROM BEHIND! 1…2…NO! Cody is beyond pissed now, and turns around into a V-Trigger that nearly knocks his head off. He lines up for a second and it connects. He lines up for a third, the referee gets in the way and tells him to stop so he can check on things, but Omega shoves the ref down and connects with a V-Trigger straight to the broken orbital socket! 1…2…NO!

Both guys slowly get to their feet and Omega lands rights and lefts slowly, but barely has any gas left in the tank. Cody with a huge right hand, and he hits a Vertabreaker!! 1…2..NO! Cody is freaking out and shoves the referee down, and out comes the Young Bucks. The hit the ring and line up to superkick Rhodes, but he ducks out of the way and they accidentally superkick Omega! Cody hits the Cross Rhodes and the referee pulls himself to make the cover: 1…2…3.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

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