ROH Women of Honor Champion Kelly Klein Praises Becky Lynch on Twitter


Ring of Honor’s Women of Honor champion Kelly Klein recently praised Raw Women’s champion Becky Lynch online.

The praise came on Twitter, after Klein saw a post listing reasons why Lynch is the GOAT in women’s wrestling. Kelly added her own reason, which was told from personal experience.

“Let me tell you what *I* think. When we met, she had a contract with the biggest company. I was an unknown extra. She was never anything but kind. Put that on the TOP of your list.”

Klein’s words surely come as no surprise to longtime WWE fans, who have always admired Becky. The Man is a blue collar Superstar, a woman who earned her stripes after years of hard work and disappointment. Now, Lynch is on top of her game, as well as the women’s division.

Kelly Klein has excelled as well during her time in Ring of Honor. The current Women of Honor champion has faced all challenges head on and she’s become one of the top women’s wrestlers in the business today.

Klein has had heat with ROH’s newest faction, The Allure, who has targeted her from the moment they debuted in the company. Ring of Honor’s next big event is June 28’s Best in the World and it’s entirely possible that Klein will get a measure of revenge on the trio, though a match between them has yet to be announced.