ROH’s Joe Koff On WWE – Young Bucks ‘Cease & Desist’, Austin Aries Possibly Returning, Touring Plans

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As we noted earlier today, Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff recently spoke with CBS Local Sports, and during the interview, Koff revealed ROH has plans to launch a streaming service.

Below are more highlights from the Koff interview:

The additional exposure in other markets can only help raise your profile. Do you plan to expand the number of cities that you’re touring in, given that you’re going to be on in additional television markets?

“Well we always take into account the markets that have TV, and we look to see if there’s a match there. And if there is — does it make sense? So we have done that as we have grown our portfolio of stations.

There are a lot of markets we already go to because they’re in large markets, they’re in big markets. It might open up the West for us, which we’ve been talking about anyway — expanding out further west than we go. So that that’s a real possibility, and probably we’ll see some markets being added that might be attributed to their being there or just because we would have gotten there anyway.

Oh, by the way, I make my first ring appearance in two weeks on Ring of Honor television.”

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The Young Bucks just had an interesting run in with the WWE. What was your take on that whole cease-and-desist thing?

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“To be really honest with you, that was between them and WWE. I think they handled it perfectly. If they were to ask me my advice, I would probably have advised them to do it the way they did it. This is beyond Ring of Honor. It’s nothing that happened under our watch. We didn’t have anything to do with it. They acted very responsibly. They are very, very good businessmen. Not only are they gifted performers, they are very good businessmen, and they’re smart about how they do business. I think in their minds — I don’t speak for them — it probably wasn’t worth a war.”

I know that people come to see Ring of Honor not necessarily for a specific talent, but Austin Aries is now kind of a free agent. Have you had any discussions with him about maybe coming back?

“If there have been discussions, it’s not really been around me. The way I run this organization — operate it– it’s really… Creative does creative, and when creative needs that, then they come to the business side. There’s a lot of people probably talking to us. Because why wouldn’t you? We’re another opportunity out there for work and success. So I’d hope they’d all be talking to us. I don’t care about [anybody coming in]until it gets to a serious level.”