Roman Reigns Has Hotel Named After Him, Hideo Itami’s Cryptic Tweet, WWE 2K18 Title Winning Celebrations (Video)


WWE has released the above video.

1…2…3! Pump your arms in the air and celebrate as your favorite WWE Superstars show off their newly acquired gold in these championship winning celebrations!

Roman Reigns Has Hotel Named After Him

According to, WWE star Roman Reigns now has a hotel named after him, called “Hotel Roman Reigns”, located in Dunbar, India. The hotel has been open since May of 2017, and you can check out the listing at this link.

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Hideo Itami’s Cryptic Tweet

After debuting strongly on the WWE 205 Live roster, former NXT star Hideo Itami lost a Cruiserweight Title tournament match to Roderick Strong on the show this week, and Itami has since Tweeted the following:

NXT Superstar Roderick Strong tests his mettle in the first round of the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament by facing the hard-hitting Hideo Itami.