Roman Reigns Misses WWE Live Events, News On Some WWE Stars Working Lighter Schedules


WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns has missed all of this past weekends WWE Live Events, with no confirmed reason for his absences.

The Big Dog missed three live events including a supershow in Boston that featured both Raw and SmackDown superstars, and it’s clear that it wasn’t something WWE expected as he was still advertised for all three shows. It isn’t known why he missed the shows as of this writing, but he is expected on WWE Raw tonight.

News On Some WWE Stars Working Lighter Schedules

Whilst Reigns missed the latest WWE house shows it appears that some of WWE’s other top stars might be doing the same according to reports by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

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It was noted that the new contract Daniel Bryan signed is a similar one to which Randy Orton has, meaning he only works a limited number of weekend dates but works most of the SmackDown and PPV events.

Bryan wanted to have a limit in his new agreement, likely for health and family reasons, and there wasn’t much room left for house shows after those dates. It has been reported that another wrestler with a similar contract is the recently returned Rey Mysterio.

WWE has had to compromise on dates for established, top names like those mentioned above, but they don’t want to push this sort of deal as a regular thing for other talents.