Roman Reigns Praises King Corbin Following WWE’s European Tour


Roman Reigns was a recent guest on the After The Bell podcast where he spoke about recently headlining the European tour with King Corbin.

Despite the fact they are still feuding on WWE SmackDown, Roman provided some major praise about working with Corbin:

“If you would have told me that I would have main evented a European tour with Football Tom, I would have said, ‘Get the hell out of here [laughs].’ Even with the boys back then he got a reaction,” Reigns said of Corbin. “He rubbed everybody a certain way and when he got into the ring he picked it up. He’s a big guy with good timing. It’s one of those things and you’ve seen it a billion times – including likely with me – guys will just get it. There would be a point in time where two left feet just becomes good footwork and it just clicks. In the past couple of years, that transition has happened for him and ever since he cut that hair off and got real stupid and cocky, it started working for him.

“Every time we’re out there, the crowd just despises him. It makes my job a lot easier when a guy can walk out there and get under people’s skin. He makes it so that the crowd wants another guy to come out there and kick his ass.”

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