Roman Reigns Responds to His Heel Turn

WWE has finally successfully turned Roman Reigns heel following his match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33. There’s been speculation all year on Reigns turning heel, however Vince McMahon loves him as a babyface and had no plans to turn him heel this year. On last night’s WWE RAW in Orlando, the fans in attendance voiced a loud chant for The Undertaker. When Reigns walked out to the ring he was booed heavily.

When he was about to start his promo in the ring the fans started various chants for several minutes. The chants included “You Suck,” “Delete,” “A–hole,” “Roman Sucks” and “F–k You Roman.” When the chants finally stopped, Reigns gave himself more heat by saying, “this is my yard now.” This lead to him leaving the ring and headed to the backstage while being booed.

Reigns went on Twitter this morning with his reaction from the crowd.

  • Anonymous

    Just like with John Cena the WWE Universe does NOT control if a character turns heel with chants & boos….last night was no different then Chicago for Cena in 06. Roman did NOT turn heel last night. If anything it cemented that he is the NEW John Cena as Cena is no longer getting the majority of boos anymore.

    • Anonymous

      You’re dead on! I’m not convinced Reigns turned heel.

  • Steve

    Undertaker gone for arround 6 month due for a hips replacement.. So it will be the return of the deadman at survivor series it take place november 19,2017 where in toyota center Houston texas what a concidence or not ?? … Wwe did not remove is caracter from roster..
    Remeber during the past wrestlemania against lesner he drop his glove mma in the center of the ring and he comming back.. If a wrestler leave their effect on the mat is to symbolize their journey ending there…

    HE NEVER SAID I STOP… I personnally know him and he is not quitting only taking time off for his surgery and he help give a push to roman reign to face lesnar soon..

    • Anonymous

      You personaly know him?

  • Anonymous

    Braun Strowman said his feud with Roman will continue so Roman is not turning heel, just following Cena’s path. There was nothing Roman could say last night that would appease the crowd which is why all he said is this is my yard now.

  • Anonymous

    he didn’t turn heel by no means and honestly the crowd reaction wont be that bad again …. not saying its going to be good either … I wish he would turn heel but I wont hold my breathe just like with cena its never gonna happen until the old man kicks it at least